Monday, 13 November 2017

Day 316 - November 12th

Lara and I wore our poppies today at the village's annual Remembrance Day Service and Act of Remembrance.

Day 315 - November 11th

Today Wayne and Christopher went to the Lancaster Insurance Classic Car Show at the NEC Birmingham.

Wayne shared with me some photos he took.

I was rather surprised to see that a car I once owned, a Rover 400, is now classed as a classic car.

Day 314 - November 10th

Last year my cactus plant produced lots of buds which them fell off! I'm not sure whether it was due to temperate or over/under watering but hopefully this year the same thing won't happen and it will instead produce lots of flowers.

Day 313 - November 9th

It was so cold this evening that we decided to light the fire.

Day 312 - November 8th

A lot of the marigolds have died but a few have survived the first frosts of the season.

Day 311 - November 7th

When its cold outside what better way to spend the day than snoozing......

Day 310 - November 6th

We had an interesting delivery at work today! 

Day 309 - November 5th

This afternoon we went to the cinema to see 'Thor Ragnarok'. We really enjoyed it.

Day 308 - November 4th

This evening we went to our Village Firework Display. It was a nice dry evening and quite mild and a good time was had by all.

Day 307 - November 3rd

November, and the roses are still producing buds!

Day 306 - November 2nd

Lara wanted some small gifts for school friends for Christmas. My friend Sue has a craft business selling handmade crafts and kindly made these cute recycled paperback book hedgehogs for Lara.

Day 305 - November 1st

We planted some winter pansies in our back garden a few weeks ago. They have been slow in growing but several are now flowering.

Day 304 - October 31st

Lara decided that she was too old for Trick or Treating this year and instead chose to stay at home and try out some special effects Halloween zombie make-up. 

She looked quite scary and we decided that she hadn't better go to the door to hand out sweets to our young trick or treat visitors for fear of scaring them!

Day 303 - October 30th

This afternoon Lara and I carved Halloween Pumpkins.

They looked quite effective when lit.

Day 302 - October 29th

We bought some spooky Halloween beers back from Norfolk.

Saturday, 28 October 2017

Day 301 - October 28th

Today it was time to lock the door for the last time and head home.

Day 300 - October 27th

Our last full day on holiday and the last chance to try out yet another Crazy Golf course!

The day started out chilly but whilst we were playing the sunshine came out and the wind dropped and it was quite warm.

On this occasion, I won.

After our game (and after hot drinks and doughnuts on the sea front) we decided to go for one last walk on the beach at Winterton.

It had turned cold and the sea was VERY rough.

Day 299 - October 26th

Today was my birthday. I was thoroughly spoilt with lots of presents and cards and cake.

We decided to spend the day at NT Blickling Hall. It wasn't our first visit to Blickling but a second visit didn't disappoint.

The house and gardens at Blickling are both open to the public and this year the story of the 1930s house is being told exploring the connection between Blickling and the role Philip Kerr, 11th Marquess of Lothian played with India's history

(The chap in the above photo was sitting extremely still when we walked into room. I thought he was a model and I got quite a surprise when he started to move!)

The formal gardens were past their best but there were still a few flowers in bloom.

In the Orangery various citrus fruits were growing.

On our way to the walled garden we walked through the less formal garden which was starting to look very autumnal.

In the walled garden lots of Dahlias were flowering.
As it was the school half term and nearing Halloween, pumpkins were in abundance in the walled garden. A blackboard invited children to choose a small pumpkin or gourd to decorate.

Lara choose a yellow gnarly gourde and used the permanent marker pens provided to give him a face.

'Geoff the Gourde' was then placed on the table with all the others to keep him company,

After a full day out, we decided to eat at the pub. Wayne and I both chose the Breaded Fisherman's Platter - Scampi, Plaice and Cod Goujons with chips and salad. It was delicious.

And .... Lara got another chance to practice Pool.