Friday, 18 November 2016

Day 323 - November 18th

I've started adding a few Christmas treats to my weekly supermarket shop. Its fun to try and find some 'interesting' things. Today - 'Pigs in Blankets' and 'Turkey & Stuffing' flavoured savoury biscuits.

Day 322 - November 17th

In the garden a few bulbs are already starting to appear.

Day 321 - November 16th

Yet another flower still blooming in Mum & Dad's garden. Don't these flowers know its Autumn?

Day 320 - November 15th

This afternoon saw me at the dentist for my six-monthly check up. Thankfully I was given the all clear.

Day 319 - November 14th

The moon tonight was the biggest, brightest and closest Supermoon of the year. It was the closest Supermoon since 1948. Unfortunately, tonight was also rather cloudy and so views of the moon were few and far between.

Day 318 - November 13th

Today we joined the rest of the village at the Annual Remembrance Sunday Service at one of the village churches, followed by the Act of Remembrance at the war memorial. This was the first time in many years that one of the children hasn't paraded with either the cubs, scouts, brownies or guides. 

Day 317 - November 12th

Last weekend Wayne and Christopher drove to Wales to look at a car that Christopher was interested in buying. Today it was delivered. A shiny, white 1972 Triumph Spitfire. Its proud new owner was happy to take us out for a spin in it even if it was rather chilly to have the roof down! 

Day 316 - November 11th

Christmas foods have been in the shops for some time but i have resisted the temptation to buy any - until today. A box of mince pies managed to find its way into the house and the box didn't stay closed for long!

Day 315 - November 10th

Its been a long time since I found any 'Faces in Places'. I was a big fan of the 'Faces in Places' blog which was a photographic collection of faces found in everyday places, but sadly it doesn't seem to have been updated for quite some time.

Today I spotted a face in our bathroom - the jets on the shower and logo appear as quite a sad looking little face.

Day 314 - November 9th

Yesterday Americans cast their votes in the US Presidential Election. This morning we woke to the surprising news that they have chosen Donald Trump as their next president. 

Day 313 - November 8th

On cold evenings we draw the curtains and keep warm by the open fire. 🙂 

Day 312 - November 7th

After spotting the clematis yesterday, this afternoon I noticed that the Marguerite plant that I posted about here in July is also still blooming. 

Day 311 - November 6th

I was surprised today to see a clematis still flowering in the garden.

Day 310 - November 5th

This evening we went to the Village Firework Display. It was a very good display and on returning home we opened some packets of sparklers and wrote our names with the sparks.

Day 309 - November 4th

The leaves on the trees are so colourful at the moment. Bright reds and oranges and  more subtle shades of yellow, brown and green like this leaf on the sycamore tree. 

Day 308 - November 3rd

Today Christopher drove to Havant in Hampshire for work and tomorrow he has to drive to Cambridge. He was provided with a loan car for the two days and when he arrived home it we were quite surprised to find that it was a Jaguar XE Sports Saloon Car.

Day 307 - November 2nd

Today we saw the first hard frost of the season. The frost looked so pretty on the leaves but wasn't so pretty on the windscreens of the cars that needed to be scrapped before they could be driven.

Day 306 - November 1st

Naughty Millie isn't supposed to climb on the furniture but today, because she wasn't getting any attention, she jumped up on the footstool and sat there for all to see!

Day 305 - October 31st (Halloween)

Today was Halloween. Lara decided not to go our trick or treating this year but was keen to carve a pumpkin to put outside the house to let the other children know that they were welcome to call at our door. The pumpkin was carefully bought home from Lincolnshire and as the weather was quite warm today and school was closed for an inset day, Lara sat outside on the patio to create her Jack O Lantern.

With a tea light inside it looked lovely outside the door. 

Day 304 - October 30th

The tubs we set the other week are looking lovely The pansies in particular are beautiful.

Day 303 - October 29th

Lara joined us today on our walk. Millie was pleased to get back into her usual routine after our week away.

Day 302 - October 28th

This morning we packed our bags and headed home saying goodbye to Beacon Cottage.