Thursday, 30 June 2016

Day 167 - June 15th

I spotted this beautiful rose in my Mum & Dad's garden today. I love the colour of the petals.

Day 166 - June 14th

There are various Fuchsias in the garden. Some are large hardy plants set in the ground and others are smaller varieties in hanging baskets.

Day 165 - June13th

In the hedgerows delicate wild roses are appearing.

Sunday, 12 June 2016

Day 164 - June 12th

Whilst out shopping yesterday afternoon, we saw this car covered in artificial grass parked in the car park. We've seen it before on the roads but I've never been able to photograph it as clearly as this. It's certainly a good advert for the business.

Day 163 - June 11th

This morning we took Millie for a walk over the fields. The crops are really growing now.

This morning we were on a mission to find the Bee Orchids that we've seen in previous years. We were really disappointed to see that the farmer had put weed killer on the field margins where the Orchids usually grow. There was just a very narrow strip where we were hopeful of finding some.

After walking for some time we finally spotted one. Much smaller than in previous years but still just as pretty.

We did find one more but it was a shame that  there won't be many this year.

Day 162 - June 10th

Lara's moves schools this September and today she bought home from her current school her leavers hoodie.

Day 161 - June 9th

I've never asked my Mum what her favourite flower is but judging by the number of different Pinks in her garden at the moment I would guess that they would rank fairly highly on her list.

Day 160 - June 8th

Lots of rose buds appearing now.

Thursday, 9 June 2016

Day 159 - June 7th

This forecast on my phone certainly came true this evening. At about 4.30pm it started to rain and very soon it was joined by thunder and lightening. The electricity went off a few times and the rain lasted most of the evening. There are reports of flooding in some parts of the county.

Day 158 - June 6th

The tiny Sea Pinks on the old rockery are flowering once again.

2016 Summertime Photography Scavenger Hunt

Once again I'm joining in with the Summertime Photography Scavenger Hunt devised by Rinda on her blog Gallo Organico

Julie Kirk from Notes on Paper blog has created this handy list of the items to be found which I will be carrying around with me over the summer whilst I hunt for the 21 items.

Day 157 - June 5th

Today we travelled to Nottingham to collect Christopher for the last time from University. Where did those 4 years go? The next time we travel to Nottingham it will be for his Graduation Ceremony next month.

By coincidence, today at Wollaton Park (close to the University) Wollaton Autokarna, one of the leading vintage, classic car and Autojumble events in the country, was takign place so before driving home we spent a few hours looking at the exhibits.

There were 100s of vehicles. Some were pristine and fully restored whilst others still needed some work doing to them.

Here are a few of the vehicles that caught my eye.

It was a good afternoon and it also gave me an opportunity to take some photos of a camper (caravan) for the 2016 Summertime Photography Scavenger Hunt. There were lots to choose from.

#6 a camper (caravan) 

#6 a camper (caravan) 

#6 a camper (caravan) 

#6 a camper (caravan) 

#6 a camper (caravan)