Friday, 31 July 2015

Day 212 - July 31st

Today I found Lara a printable 3D model of Hobbes the tiger from the Calvin & Hobbes Comic Strip. The model was a bit more complicated to put together than the models she has previously made but she persevered and the end result was lovely.

Day 211 - July 30th

Lara has developed an obsession for Emoji cushions. Three (to join the two she already has) were delivered today.

Day 210 - July 29th

We've not had a lot of time so far during the school summer holiday for any craft time but today Lara and I managed to grab an hours or so to sit down together to do some sewing.

I found instructions on (via Pinterest) for making a Pencil Case Bookmark from felt.

Felt was cut and stitched ......

...... and a press stud added. I think I must have inherited the press studs from somewhere because I was interested to see similar packets being sold on Ebay described as vintage!

The Pencil Cases were then decorated. Lara chose to decorate hers with a button.

I used a sparkly sequin butterfly.

The Pencil Cases filled with pens/pencils were attached to elastic so that they could be attached to a notebook, etc as a bookmark.

Day 209 - July 28th

Lara and I went to the cinema today to watch The Minions. It was a cute film but I did nearly fall asleep during it!

Day 208 - July 27th

More beautiful Lilies in Mum & Dad's garden.

Day 207 - July 26th

The fuchsias in our hanging baskets and tub are now covered in flowers and also have lots of buds still to bloom. They've taken a bit of a battering this past week in the rain but haven't fared too badly.

Sunday, 26 July 2015

Day 206 - July 25th

Walking through the fields of rape seed today we noticed that the seeds have now ripened and are ready for harvesting.

Further into our walk we walked beside fields that had already been cut and were now stubbly and bare.

Crab apples on a tree in the Spinney are now ripe too.

Day 205 - July 24th

Today Lara made some Emojis from Hama Beads.

Day 204 - July 23rd

While I was working today. Lara made some paper models.

The models were of the characters from the Monster Flip App for the iPhone/iPad - a very addictive game, and were downloaded from the Internet.

Day 203 - July 22nd

Lara had a friend round today. Hopes of them spending time outside in the garden were dashed by the weather so they turning instead to the wii for entertainment.

Day 202 - July 21st

My brother and sister-in-law recently bought my Mum a new rose bush and today it is blooming.

Unsurprisingly it looks just like the picture on the label.

Day 201 - July 20th

Today is the first day of the school summer holidays. Over the past few years I have found a few craft projects for Lara to do during the holiday. Today Lara sewed a Bunny Rabbit.

Everything she needed to make the rabbit was in a kit bought at 'The Works'.

Monday, 20 July 2015

Day 200 - July 19th

A McDonald's McCafe Mango Pineapple Smoothie to cool down after an afternoon spent shopping.

Day 199 - July 18th

This afternoon Wayne, Christopher and Lara went fishing. Often they come home having caught nothing but I think Lara must have been their lucky charm today because plenty of fish were caught.

Whilst the others were fishing, Steven and I went to the cinema to see Jurassic World. Better late than never!

Sunday, 19 July 2015

Day 198 - July 17th

Beautiful white Hydrangeas in Mum & Dad's garden.

Day 197 - July 16th

Happy Birthday Mum.

Day 196 - July 15th

The Horse Chestnut trees are now starting to bear their spikey cases.

Day 195 - July 14th

This year Mum & Dad have some large marigolds growing in their garden unlike previous years when they have grown the smaller varieties.

Day 194 - July 13th

For quite a few years I have been a volunteer helper at our local school. At the end of each school year I usually receive a lovely handmade card signed by all the children thanking me for my help. This year was no exception and all the more special as, due to other commitments, it may be the last year that I can help in the school.

Day 193 - July 12th

In my Mum & Dad's garden there are some beautiful Sea Holly plants in flower at the moment.