Thursday, 26 February 2015

Day 56 - February 25th

At the weekend we were talking about our old cat, Scampi. Today whilst looking through some old photos I found some of Scampi. He was the cat we had when I lived at home and my first pet cat. 

Day 55 - February 24th

Tonight Lara entered a baking competition at Guides. She had to take 6 small cakes or scones that she had made herself.

They looked lovely, but she didn't win. The feedback from the judges was 'Good presentation, but rather dry'.

She did however come home with some badges. She is now patrol leader of the Penguin patrol! Pesky penguins - you can't get away from them!

Day 54 - February 23rd

In the garden today I spotted a single violet flower just on the verge of blooming.

Day 53 - February 22nd

Today was my Dad's birthday, and as David & Juliet were in the country we got together for a meal to celebrate.

(above photos courtesy of David)

The food was lovely.

Pork Terrine with Piccalilli and toasted caramelised onion bread.

Roast Topside of Beef, seasonal vegetables, roast potatoes,Yorkshire pudding and gravy.

I was too full for a dessert but some of the others had Trifle, Treacle Tart and Chocolate Charlotte.

After eating we moved to the bar for coffee and fudge presented on a chocolate decorated plate.

Day 52 - February 21st

This afternoon we popped into Hitchin to do a spot of shopping. Despite the cold damp weather, which later turned to hail, there were still quite a few people near the church feeding the ducks and geese.

Day 51 - February 20th

This evening Tux decided to see what the world looked like from the bookcase.

Day 50 - February 19th

Today (albeit a day late) my Mum made the traditional Ash Wednesday Bedfordshire Doughnuts. I've blogged about these a couple of times before here and here and today's doughnuts were just as tasty as in previous years. Thanks Mum x

Day 49 - February 18th

Christopher is coming home tomorrow for a few days so Lara and I have made some Rocky Road as a treat.

Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Day 48 - February 17th (Shrove Tuesday)

Today is Shrove Tuesday (Pancake Day) so this evening we made the traditional pancakes served with lemon and sugar.

Day 47 - February 16th

Today I spotted this pretty little Helebore in Mum and Dad's garden. 

Day 46 - February 15th

In the garden this afternoon next to the fence I spotted this pretty blue Periwinkle flower. Considered a weed but still pretty.

Day 45 - February 14th (Valentine's Day)

Valentine's Day today was celebrated with cards, flowers and wine.

Day 44 - February 13th

I did some baking this morning.

In readiness for Valentine's Day tomorrow, I decorated the cakes with heart shaped sprinkles ....

... and used heart themed cake cases.

Day 43 - February 12th

A few purple crocus are just peeping out of the ground in Mum & Dad's garden.

Day 42 - February 11th

The pot of 'Tet-a-Tete' dwarf Narcissus that I bought a couple of weeks ago are now blooming on the kitchen windowsil and the Hyacinths that Lauren & James gave me are just finishing flowering for the second time.

Day 41 - February 10th

I don't know who's the daftest! Lara for climbing into Millie's crate or Millie for letting her!

Day 40 - February 9th

After spotting Snowdrops by the Church last week, today I noticed that Mum & Dad now have snowdrops in flower in thir garden .

Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Day 39 - February 8th


Day 38 - February 7th

Another damp Saturday morning walk over the fields.

The hedgerows are looking very bare apart from the odd patch of catkins and lots of lichen on the branches.

Day 37 - February 6th

Wayne's decided to start wood turning again. 

Day 36 - February 5th

Playing with the Rubik's Cube had stepped up another level. Lara has now bought a speed timer. Her personal best is 1 minute 44 seconds.

Day 35 - February 4th

In Lara's EGI (Engineering and Technology) lessons this term she's been using the 3D printers. This week she bought home the  memory stick that she's made.

Day 34 - February 3rd

 Last nights snowfall left quite a covering.

Thankfully it didn't stay around for long and the main roads were all clear. It did however cause problems for Lara's school bus which couldn't complete its journey due to un-gritted roads and Lara ended up having a day at home.

Day 33 - February 2nd

After a chilly day, at 10 o'clock this evening we looked out of the window to this.

Sunday, 1 February 2015

Day 32 - February 1st

Whilst out walking with Millie this morning we noticed that the snowdrops in the grounds of the church are now in bloom. 

Day 31 - January 31st

Today's landscape was looking very bleak during our walk. Not surprising given the cold weather we've had this week.