Saturday, 24 March 2018

Day 83 - March 24th

Whilst out for a walk this morning I spotted the first blossom I've seen this spring.

Delicate white blossom in the hedgerow surrounding a field.

We also spotted some Pussy Willow decorated with tiny water droplets.

Elsewhere everything was very brown!

Day 82 - March 23rd

On a recent trip back to the UK from the USA, my brother gave us some bags of Swedish Fish.

Its quite interesting that the SWEDISH fish were made in TURKEY, bought in AMERICA and are being eaten on ENGLAND. These are very well travelled fish.

Day 81 - March 22nd

My cactus plant has started to flower. Difficult to photograph but very pretty.

Day 80 - March 21st

This evening we watched Lara perform with her percussion group in the Spring Music Concert at her school. They played Coldplay's Viva La Vida.

Tuesday, 20 March 2018

Day 79 - March 20th

After the weekend snow, today was quite sunny. It was the first day of the spring. Tux took advantage of the better weather to explore the garden.

Day 78 - March 19th

Back home after my weekend away and another of the hyacinths on the kitchen window sill is in flower.

Day 77 - March 18th

Overnight the snow continued and this morning we woke to this....

      So glad no one was getting married out here today

      I dipped my fingers in the water - it was slushy!

Day 76 - March 17th

Crafting continued today. Quilts were being sewn, cards made, blankets and rugs were being crocheted. I stuck to my scrapbooking. 

Whilst we beavered away, it snowed on and off all day. When I went to bed there was a light covering of snow.

Day 75 - March 16th

This afternoon I travelled to Easthampstead Park Conference Centre in Berkshire for a weekend of crafting with a group of friends. We have been getting together once a year for many years and a good time is always had.

Work began immediately on all manner of projects.

Day 74 - March 15th

WARNING - Food removed from the microwave can be extremely hot and cause burnt blistered fingers!

Day 73 - March 14th

Next weekend, whilst away, we will be celebrating a friends 50th birthday. I have made her a card using some die cuts and sparkly gems.

Day 72 - March 13th

This weekend I am going away with some friends for a weekend of crafting. We always exchange small gifts. This year I have filled mini milk bottles with sweets and decorated them with raffia and a label.

Day 71 - March 12th

The tiny Tete-a-Tete daffodils which in previous years have been in pots in the kitchen and were then planted outdoors, are now flowering.

Day 70 - March 11th

Today was Mothering Sunday. I received some lovely cards, chocolate, a DVD and a beautiful bouquet of flowers.

Day 69 - March 10th

The weather today was very cold and dull when we wet for our walk .... and yet again very muddy!

Day 68 - March 9th

This year I've had several pots of hyacinths on the kitchen window sill. Today I have a pink variety in flower.

Day 67 - March 8th

Easter is on it's way and Maynards are now producing Jelly Babies 'Chicks'. Yum!

Day 66 - March 7th

One of the clematis plants in my Mum & dad's garden, now it isn't flowering, is covered in lots of fluffy white seed heads.

Day 65 - March 6th

In the living room this week I have a vase of beautiful pale yellow tulips.

Day 64 - March 5th

Tux enjoying a dust bath.

Day 63 - March 4th

The violets which just a few days ago were only just showing some colour are now in full bloom.

Saturday, 3 March 2018

Day 62 - March 3rd

Yesterdays snow stopped, but this morning everywhere was white. Despite the snow we decided to take Millie for her usual Saturday walk. She enjoys the snow and it was an opportunity for her to have a run and nuzzle the snow.

There was quite a stark contrast between the white snow and the dark soil of the ploughed field beneath.

Elsewhere there were pops of colour like this small wooded area which we walk through,

Millie is quite camouflaged in this area.

Day 61 - March 2nd

This afternoon Storm Emma decided to visit us. It started snowing in the middle of the afternoon and continued until last evening.

School transport stopped running and Lara's school closed at lunch time.

There were reports of roads in the area being blocked and roads closed due to accidents.

Lara decided my car needed a new face today!