Wednesday, 25 April 2018

Day 115 - April 25th

I noticed today that blossom on one of the apple trees in the front garden is just starting to appear. I love apple blossom. It's so pretty.

Day 114 - April 24th

Time for some more scrapbooking today.

Day 113 - April 23rd

The Kerria Japonica (Jew's Mallow) is flowering.

Day 112 - April 22nd

This afternoon Lara and I went the theatre. One of  Lara's friends was performing in a show and we were invited to go and watch. 

Day 111 - April 21st

Spring has most definitely sprung and today there were many signs of this on our walk.

So much more blossom could be seen.....

.... and huge clumps of cowslips.

Day 110 - April 20th

A couple of weeks I bought a pen from Amazon. It was being sent from Japan and so I knew if would take a little while to arrive. Today the pen was delivered and I was surprised to find inside the package with the pen this tiny origami crane. So cute.

Day 109 - April 19th

The bluebells are just starting the flower.

Day 108 - April 18th

Time for some scrapbooking this evening.

Day 107 - April 17th

At this time of year Mum and Dad's garden always looks so lovely with different coloured tulips in the ground and in tubs.

Among the flowers lay a little someone guarding them.

Day 106 - April 16th

Happy Birthday Christopher!

Day 105 - April 15th

A friend of mine is due to move house soon so I've been making her a card.

Day 104 - April 14th

The weather was hot and sunny when we took Millie for her walk today. In the fields crops are starting to grow.

Millie was more interested in the sticky weed also known as Clivers or Goosegrass growing alongside the hedgerow.

I've posted before about Millie's love of this weed which she stops and enthusiastically grazes on whenever she gets the chance at this time of year. She will only eat it though when the leaves are young and presumably most tasty to her.

Having done some research this weed is perfectly OK for dogs to eat. It is thought to be good at cleansing the blood and good for the liver. It is also a foragers vegetable and safe for humans to eat too.

Day 103 - April 13th

In the garden I noticed a few fancy daffodils with double blooms.

Day 102 - April 12th

The apple trees are starting to come into bud.

Day 101 - April 11th

I had never noticed before that the tips of the conifer/fir tree outside out front door are shocking pink.

Day 100 - April 10th

The warmer weather is bringing out the insects like this one soaking up the sun on a dandelion.

Day 99 - April 9th

Whilst out walking this morning I spotted this snail enjoying his own very slow stroll. 

Day 98 - April 8th

Happy Birthday Steven - 20 today.

Saturday, 7 April 2018

Day 97 - April 7th

Our walk over the fields today started at the Village Green. 

There were far fewer puddles than last week and in places the dirty path was very dry, hard and cracked.

In one of the fields the farmer was spraying.

We spotted tiny purple violets in the grass.....

.... and further on we spotted the white variety.

 We also saw Cowslips. The first we have seen this year.

Day 96 - April 6th

My favourite grape hyacinths are flowering.

Day 95 - April 5th

The daffodils in our back garden are finally in bloom. Despite the heavy rainfall and windy weather recently the majority are still standing upright.

Day 94 - April 4th

This afternoon we went to the cinema again, this time to see Peter Rabbit.

Day 93 - April 3rd

The brook in High Road is very full at the moment after quite a lot of rain recently.

Day 92 - April 2nd

This afternoon we went to the cinema to see Tomb Raider. Quite different to the original 2001 film but just as good.

Day 91 - April 1st (Easter Sunday)

Easter Sunday we had our traditional Easter Egg Hunt in the garden. No one's too old to hunt for chocolate so everyone joined in.... even Millie.

Pretty pastel coloured wicker baskets for the hunters were this year sadly replaced with zip-lock plastic bags. Our hunters were too old for baskets!!

This year all the eggs were found and the contents went down well.