Monday, 11 April 2016

Day 102 - April 11th

This afternoon I managed to put the finishing touches to a scrapbook layout I started when I was away in Berkshire.

Day 101 - April 10th

When we walked Millie this morning the sun was shining and it was a perfect Sunday morning.

Day 100 - April 9th

It's been a couple of weeks since we walked across the fields and were surprised to see that dredging of the ditches is still continuing.

Day 99 - April 8th

Today was Steven's 18th Birthday. He didn't want any big celebrations so we all went out for something to eat this evening and then returned home for cake and champagne. 

Happy Birthday Steven!

Day 98 - April 7th

The Periwinkles that always appear from beneath the fence panels are now in bloom.

Day 97 - April 6th

The daffodils in the raised beds in our back garden were quite late to flower and with the strong winds and rain we've had lately they have taken a bit of a battering.

Day 96 - April 5th

The bluebells in the garden are now starting the flower.

Day 95 - April 4th

When I went outside this afternoon I spotted this huge bumblebee on one of the pansies in the hanging basket.

Day 94 - April 3rd

More scrapbook layouts were created today.

Before I left to come home, there was just time for a gorgeous roast dinner which tasted all the better for having been cooked by someone else .....

..... and another rather naughty dessert!

Day 93 - April 2nd

Today was spent playing with paper and photos. 

Day 92 - April 1st

This evening I travelled to East Hampstead Park Conference Centre in Berkshire for a weekend of craft, chat, laughter, eating and drinking in the company of a group of friends who I've been meeting up with once a year for many years.

I arrived quite late and therefore couldn't take many photos, so the photo above is one I took last year.

I did however arrive in time for dinner and was able to take a photo of the selection of desserts I was able to choose from.

Day 91 - March 31st

Lara's been making things with her 3D pen today including this purple snake.

Day 90 - March 30th

My gifts ready for next weekend are all ready. I used acrylic pillow boxes which I filled with M&Ms and then decorated the boxes with ribbon, buttons and a tag.