Friday, 27 March 2015

Day 86 - March 27th

While watering the tiny Kalanchoe plant that Lara gave me for Mothering Sunday it struck me how similar it is to a Hydrangea head, only in miniature. 

Day 85 - March 26th

This afternoon I noticed the tiny Grape Hyacinths had come up in Mum & Dad's garden. 

I love Grape Hyacinths - I really should plant some in my garden!

Day 84 - March 25th

Today I watched Lara receive a Community award at her end of term assembly. Well done Lara.

Day 83 - March 24th

A few weeks ago we were lucky enough to find a winning 'Sweeet' code in a packet of McVities biscuits which we had bought. Today a cute cuddly kitten arrived in the post.

Day 82 - March 23rd

Shrubs in our garden are now starting to come into blossom.

Day 81 - March 22nd

Yesterday whilst in the garden we found this wood sculpture carved from an old tree trunk.

I can imagine some interesting wedding photos might be possible with this as a prop.

Day 80 - March 21st

In between lots of cutting and gluing I went for a wander around Easthampstead Park today to have a closer look at the house and grounds.

Easthampstead Park is a Victorian Mansion House built in a Jacobean Style. As well as being a conference centre it is also a popular wedding venue (two weddings have taken place whilst we have been here) and must be a beautiful backdrop for wedding photos. 

I didn't see many flowers in bloom in the garden although there were lots of what I think were Rhododendrons and which I guess will look stunning when in flower. I did spot this tiny blue flower hiding in a corner by the wall.

In the middle ages, Easthampstead was part of Windsor Forest and was reserved for royal hunting. King Edward III had a hunting lodge at Easthampstead. The house is still surrounded by lots of trees including quite a few fir and pine trees.

Day 79 - March 20th

This afternoon I met up with friends at Easthampstead Park Conference Centre, Wokingham for a weekend of craft, chat, eating, drinking and generally enjoying each others company.

Friday, 20 March 2015

Day 78 - March 19th

Tonight I finished my gifts for this weekends crafty get together - 12 chocolate filled handmade crackers.

I made the crackers from Kraft Cardstock and used the We R Memory Keepers Candy Box Punch Board. It took all the hard work out of measuring, cutting and scoring.

The crackers were then embellished with patterned paper from a Kirsty Allsop pack, paper doilies, punched scallop circle, glitter foam butterflies, jute string and a sentiment downloaded from the Internet. Hope they all like them.

Day 77 - March 18th

I spotted this cultivated cowslip in the garden today. It won't be long before hopefully we are spotting the wild versions on our walks across the fields.

Day 76 - March 17th

I'm spending next weekend in Berkshire, crafting with a group of friends. Traditionally we exchange little gifts, many handmade, when we get together. I've been busy trying to finish my gifts. They're not quite finished but hopefully they will be by the weekend.

Thursday, 19 March 2015

Day 75 - March 16th

A cold start to the day. I felt quite sorry for these ponies in the field but they didn't seem to mind the chill in the air.

Day 74 - March 15th (Mothering Sunday)

Today was Mothering Sunday and I was spoiled with some beautiful cards and presents.

By coincidence both of the boys gave me tulips. But that was more than OK with me. I LOVE spring flowers and in particular tulips so they were very, very much appreciated and are so pretty.

Lara gave me a cute 'I love Mum' teddy bear and a Kalanchoe plant in a pretty butterfly pot.

Saturday, 14 March 2015

Day 73 - March 14th

Whilst out walking this morning we spotted the first blossom in the hedgerows. It was quite sparse but I suspect by the time we go that way again there will be much more. Another sign that Spring will soon be here and we can wave goodbye to Winter.

Day 72 - March 13th

Today Lara's school year visited The Big Bang, UK Young Scientists & Engineering Fair at the NEC, Birmingham. 

She thoroughly enjoyed the day and got to see lots of exhibits, took part in lots fun activities and came home with lots of freebies.

Day 71 - March 12th

Spring is certainly on it's way. The Winter Pansies that we planted in tubs at the front of the house last September have continued to flower all through the winter and although they are now past their best I spotted a bee today busily collecting pollen from them.

Day 70 - March 11th

At school in her Art & Design lessons Lara has been learning about Mexican Art and in particular with relevance to 'The Day of the Dead', a Mexican holiday celebrated not only in Mexico but in other cultures too.

Today she bought home a clay skull which she had made. Its a bit scary looking but very detailed.

Day 69 - March 10th

I noticed the blue hyacinths in Mum & Dad's garden are flowering whilst being watched over by Mr Mole!

Day 68 - March 9th

The warmer weather we are having this month is enticing some of the plants out of there winter sleep and this Celandine, although considered a weed in most gardens, brings a welcome touch of colour to an otherwise bare patch of the garden.

Day 67 - March 8th

Lara has discovered that using Wayne's wood lathe is quite exciting and so he now has a helper.

Day 66 - March 7th

The violets which I photographed last month just as they were starting to flower are now coming into their own, including this clump which has escaped from the border and settled in the grass. 

There are also one or two white ones.

Friday, 6 March 2015

Day 65 - March 6th

Whilst sorting out some drawer which hadn't been sorted for a LONG time, Wayne came across an old one pound note.

The Internet tells me that the one pound note ceased to be legal tender in 1988 but I'm sure those drawers were cleaned out since then!!!!!

Day 64 - March 5th

Last week Lara passed here ASA Gold Swimming Award and tonight she collected her certificate and badge. The award included swimming 800m in 25minutes, treading water for 3 minutes with one hand raised above her head, swimming 10m then performing a somersault without touching the pool bottom and then swimming in the same direction for a further 5m and a number of other disciplines.

Getting this award means the end of an era. Gold is as far as she can go at this swim club so just one more session and then she will be hanging up her swimming costume.

Day 63 - March 4th

Spring and Easter are on their way and I couldn't resist buying a pack of hot cross buns when I was in the supermarket today.

Day 62 - March 3rd

This photo sums up today's weather perfectly. 

One minutes dark clouds, hail and snow and the next minute blue skies and sunshine.

Day 61 - March 2nd

Scraping the barrel with a photo today. This is how Wayne and I spend most Monday evenings - sitting in the car in the school car park watching a DVD whilst Lara is in her gym class. 

Day 60 - March 1st

This morning Lara and I paid a visit to the Stamperama Rubber Stamp and Paper Craft Show at Stevenage. Lots of craft supplies for sale and tonnes of inspiration too.

Day 59 - February 28th

The Polyanthus in the back garden are now popping up in the borders.