Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Day 365 - December 31st (New Years Eve)

We spent New Years Eve quietly at home. We played a game of 'The Chaser' .....

....... before watching the celebrations on the television including the spectacular fireworks in London.

Day 364 - December 30th

It continues to stay very cold. I had to visit Pegsdon today for work and the frost there was so thick and heavy that you could easily have thought it had been snowing.

Back in our village the covering wasn't quite as heavy but it still lingered for most of the day.

Lara had a friend round this afternoon. They wisely stayed indoors in the warm and spent several hours on the sofa playing on the wii, eating chocolate and biscuits!

Day 363 - December 29th

Time for a bit of scrapbooking today.

Sunday, 28 December 2014

Day 362 - December 28th

After yesterdays brief snowfall, today has been incredibly cold. In the shade the frost has remained on the grass all day.

This morning, before a post Christmas drink with friends at our local pub, Wayne and I took Millie for a very chilly walk.

Day 361 - December 27th

This evening for about an hour it snowed. There was only one thing to do .... light a fire and stay inside in the warm.

Friday, 26 December 2014

Day 360 - December 26th

Today started out crisp and frosty. Mid morning we took Millie for a long walk over the fields. Despite the cold start and us dressing for the cold it was actually fairly warm.

Despite being swarmed by gnats, Wayne stood for a while by the little bridge so I could take this photo. 

Day 359 - December 25th (Christmas Day)

Christmas Day was spent at home, with Mum & Dad joining us at lunchtime.

Stockings were filled .... including one each for Millie and Tux.

There were plenty of presents under the tree to unwrap after we had eaten.

(Alternative B - a decorated tree - Winter Photography Scavenger Hunt.)

The evening was spent playing games and enjoying the company.

(No 2 Someone wearing a funny hat  - Winter Photography Scavenger Hunt.)

Thursday, 25 December 2014

Wednesday, 24 December 2014

Day 358 - December 24th (Christmas Eve)

It has become a tradition that Lara always makes the mince pies on Christmas Eve. Today was no exception.

Of course I had to sample one and it was extremely yummy. Well done Lara.

My Mum also gave Lara ingredients needed to make some Marshmallow Snowmen that she had seen instructions for in the newspaper.

All was going well and the snowmen were looking good ....

..... until gravity got the better of one and suddenly they looked like a group of carol singers who had had a drink too many at the pub!