Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Day 295 - October 22nd

Children really should learn not to leave opened bags of sweeties lying around the house when I am home alone! 

Day 294 - October 21st

Today I found time to do some scrapbooking.

Day 293 - October 20th

Someone's looking at you!

Saturday, 19 October 2013

Day 292 - October 19th

Over the summer months we had debated buying some lobsters but never did. As Christopher was home for this weekend we decided to push the boat out and Wayne bought 3 lobsters. Oh we did have fun opening them and removing the meat with the help of a You Tube video!

Day 291 - October 18th

The smoke bush in the back garden looks lovely at the moment.

Day 290 - October 17th

Today was sunny and Tux has found a new place to sunbathe on top of the brick gate posts.

Day 289 - October 16th

Today Lara's went on a school trip to The Black Country Living Museum. She had to go in Victorian costume.

Day 288 - October 15th

When I'm out walking Millie at this time of year I love to be a big kid and stomp and crunch through the piles of autumn leaves.

Day 287 - October 14th

Whilst out yesterday I took the opportunity to pop into the phone shop and upgrade my phone. 

Day 286 - October 13th

We took Lara to a party in Welwyn Garden City this afternoon and whilst she was at the party we had a few hours to kill so we had a look round the town and the shops. The Coronation fountain in the town center has been turned pink to mark Breast Cancer Awareness Month. 

Day 285 - October 12th

During our walk this morning this tree caught our eye. I think it may be a Quince tree. It stands alone in the middle of a field and all its fruit was on the ground. 

Day 284 - October 11th

Baking day today - Chocolate Cake.

Day 283 - October 10th

Chilly days call for hot drinks and cookies!

Day 282 - October 9th

Loving the autumn colours.

Day 281 - October 8th

This evening Lara and her Guide Company had a Scuba Diving Taster session. I wasn't able to to take any photos so this photo was borrowed from the Hydroactive website. 

Day 280 - October 7th

The sky was so beautiful today. Blue with white, whispy clouds (OK so there was a hint of grey, but we'll try not to think about that!)

Day 279 - October 6th

This afternoon I managed to quickly make a card.

Day 278 - October 5th

Whilst out walking Millie this morning we walked down the street and the sun highlighted the beautiful red leaves on the side of The Old Bakehouse.

Day 277 - October 4th

Cyclamen in the garden are now blooming.

Friday, 4 October 2013

Day 276 - October 3rd

These were the first conkers I have seen this year so I picked them up and brought them home for Lara.

Day 275 - October 2nd

I picked up these acorns whilst out walking Millie this morning. We have often seen squirrels collecting them. Another sign of Autumn.

Day 274 - October 1st

Last night at Guides Lara made a bird feeder from an empty juice carton, some wooden skewers and some string. Its now been filled with bird seed and is hanging int he back garden.

Day 273 - September 30th

The begonias in our back garden were really late flowering. Now they are looking stunning. Hoping the change in temperatures doesn't kill them off too soon because the colours are beautiful.

Day 272 - September 29th

Lots of signs around that autumn is here. Lots of crisp, crunchy leaves on the paths.

Day 271 - September 28th

A return trip to the hospital this afternoon to collect medication and for Steven to have his first B12 injection. there will be further injections over the next two weeks and a blood test afterwards to recheck his blood levels.

Day 270 - September 27th

Today was not a good day and one we never want to repeat. Steven had been feeling unwell since Monday and after an urgent visit to the doctor yesterday, today he ended up at the hospital. After a blood test it was diagnosed that he is very, very anaemic and deficient in B12 and folic acid. Now we know why he's been feeling unwell and with treatment over the next couple of weeks and a change in diet he will, we are sure, make a full recovery. 

Day 269 - September 26th

Despite Autumn being upon us, the insects are still out searching for the last of the pollen. I spied this fly (?) on this begonia this morning

Day 268 - September 25th

Lara has bought a rubber band bracelet making kit. It was delivered today so she has been busy making cute rubber band bracelets with the loom.

Day 267 - September 24th

The preparation of the fruit I collected yesterday ready for freezing has begun. Today I halved, de-stoned and froze the Victoria plums.

Day 266 - September 23rd

Today my friend Heather called me to say she had some fruit from her orchard for me. She knows I like to stock the freezer with fruit ready for making fruit crumble, etc during the colder months. When I arrived she had picked 6 bags of cooking apples, 2 bags of pears, 1 bag of plums and 1 bag of eating apples. I shared the fruit with my Mum & Dad but still have loads to freeze myself. I'm going to be busy! 

Day 265 - September 22nd

Tonight is the long awaited return of one of my favourite TV programmes , Downton Abbey.