Sunday, 22 September 2013

Day 264 - September 21st

Today we took Christopher back to Uni. He is living in a house with three friends this year. It's a bit shabby on the outside but internally it's in a good condition, clean and freshly decorated.

Day 263 - September 20th

Today Lara had to go to school dressed as a 1930s schoolgirl for a special celebration day at her school. She looked so sweet in her pinafore dress and a bow of ribbon tied in her hair.

Day 262 - September 19th

Today Lara got her Bunsen Burner Licence in science class. She is now 'Licenced to Burn' LOL

Day 261 - September 18th

On I found a recipe for Tomato and Chilli Jam that I could make from out glut of tomatoes and so this morning I made some. It has quite a kick to it but is good.

Day 260 - September 17th

Our tomato plants in the greenhouse are producing so many tomatoes at the moment. We don't know what to do with them all. I will have to search my recipe books and the Internet for ideas.

Saturday, 21 September 2013

Day 259 - September 16th

I spied these damsons in the hedgerow today.

Day 258 - September 15th

Whilst on holiday last month we bought this cute Labrador dog ornament which now proudly stands on our bookcase.

Day 257 - September 14th

Tonight's meal - Sticky chicken kebabs and egg fried rice.

Day 256 - September 13th

Blackberries in the hedgerow.

Day 255 - September 12th

I've been doing some scrapbooking today. I used lots of buttons and autumnal papers.

Day 254 - September 11th

I spotted these white berries in the hedgerow whilst out for a walk today. I think they are called Snowberries, but I could be wrong.

Day 253 - September 10th

Whilst out this morning I noticed that once again the Horse Chestnut Trees in the village have been infested by the leaf miner moths. Although the moths aren't believed to cause permanent damage to the long-term health of the trees The effect on the appearance of the trees at this time of year is profound.

Day 252 - September 9th

The cold weather is taking it's toll on the flowers in the garden.

Day 251 - September 8th

These sunflowers were self set. Mum & Dad found them growing beneath their bird feeder and they transplanted the plants into pots. Although the flower heads aren't as big as those you get from seeds specifically sold for growing, they are still lovely.

Day 250 - September 7th

The fields where we often walk Millie have now nearly all been harvested and many have been ploughed too. Although it is still obvious where the footpath is, it is quite hard work walking across the ploughed earth.

Day 249 - September 6th

The apple trees in the front garden are looking great.

Thursday, 5 September 2013

Day 248 - September 5th

Today is our 26th wedding anniversary and I was given this beautiful bouquet by Wayne. Thanks you x 

Day 247 - September 4th

Whilst outside looking for something interesting to photograph, Lara spotted this ladybird on the lawn. After trying several times to photograph it amongst the blades of grass it decided to fly up onto my camera strap.

Day 246 - September 3rd

Another craft project today - pegs decorated with pin wheels.

Day 245 - September 2nd

Today Lara made a cute purse from a couple of empty sweet packets.

Day 244 - September 1st

Whilst out walking Millie this morning we passed one of the fields of corn we walked past last weekend but today it was being harvested.

Day 243 - August 31st

The local pub.