Saturday, 22 June 2013

Day 173 - June 22nd

Whilst away with the school Lara tried some Rice Krispie Bars that she really liked and when she came home she asked if we could make some. Unsure exactly what they were made of I searched the Internet and found a recipe on . We made the bars but apparently they didn't taste the same as those Lara had previously eaten. Oh well, they tasted good anyway and we have a good excuse to try a different recipe another day. Here's the recipe we used today:

Chewy Rice Krispies Bars

·         200g marshmallows
·         80g butter
·         140g puffed rice cereal, such as Rice Krispies

·         Line a swiss roll tin with baking parchment.
·         Place puffed rice into a large bowl.
·         Melt marshmallows and butter in microwave using low heat, using 30 second bursts. Stir between each burst.
·         The mix should appear smooth and creamy. (The butter may appear separated from the marshmallows, but will combine once added to puffed rice).
·         Pour the mix onto the puffed rice. Mix well until the rice is evenly coated.
·         Tip into tin and press down with the back of a metal spoon, smooth over so it is flat.
·         Cool in the fridge for 1 hour or until set, then lift out of tray and remove baking parchment.
·         Cut into approximately 24 bars or smaller.

Day 172 - June 21st

Lara is home. She had a good time whilst away and loved her new bed.

Day 171 - June 20th

Flower in the garden

Day 170 - June 19th

Lara has gone away with the school for a few days and so whilst she's away we decided to surprise her by getting her a new bed for her room. The bed was delivered on Monday and so tonight we removed her old bed and put the new one in place. Hopefully she'll like it.

Day 169 - June 18th

Christopher perfecting his grass cutting skills.

Day 168 - June 17th

During her evening walk Millie enjoyed exploring the buttercups.

Day 167 - June 16th

Today we made our first trip of the year to Wrest Park. There have been a huge investment and lots of improvements made to Wrest Park since we last visited and there were a lot of people visiting for an afternoon stroll on Fathers Day.

Lara is obsessed with practising her handstand at the moment an took the opportunity to practise where ever and when ever possible.

During our visit we got caught in a heavy shower of rain so took shelter under a tree until it stopped.

When the rain stopped we continued our walk and Lara posed for some photos.

In the formal gardens there were some beautiful flowers.

Day 166 - June 15th

A rose.

Friday, 14 June 2013

Day 165 - June 14th

Today's photo is another in the series of 'What's the Building Site Look Like Today?'. Its been over two months since I last photographed the building site and it looks so different now.

The good news is that the trees are now in full leaf and screen a lot of the site. The scaffolding was taken down a few weeks ago. Door and windows are all in place and extras like external lights, porch roofs, etc have been fitted. Top soil has appeared which we assume is for the gardens and landscaping and pavements are being laid. 

Initial indications were that the buildings would be completed by June and despite the bad weather setting them back it looks possible that the new homes will soon be ready.

Day 164 - June 13th

Although yesterday Tux decided to murder some of the baby birds in the garden, there still seem to be lots of others around. I spotted this blackbird in a tree with a mouthful of bugs to feed her family.

If you look closely you can see the individual bugs, antennae and all. Yuuuukkkk!

Day 163 - June 12th

Today Tux discovered a birds nest today and started clearing the nest of baby birds. When this evening I saw him with a second bird in his mouth I tried to stop him. I managed to get the baby bird from him and tried to shut Tux indoors. He was having none of it and now my arm is covered in scratches where he struggled to get free. He's a bad cat!

Day 162 - June 11th

Tonight Lara made her promise at Guide and she's now a member of the Bumblebee patrol.

Day 161 - June 10th

A few weeks ago my Mum and Dad gave Lara this 'Baby Bear Grass Head'. His head is filled with grass seed which grows when you water him and stand him in a warm sunny place. This week his 'hair' has been growing and Lara is eagerly waiting for it to get long enough to give him his first haircut! 

Day 160 - June 9th

A couple of weeks ago we bought a Pink Marguerite Daisy plant. Its beautiful.

Sunday, 9 June 2013

Day 159 - June 8th

We cooked Paella tonight.

Day 158 - June 7th

Osteospermum / Cape Daisy

Day 157 - June 6th

Euphorbia flowers

Day 156 - June 5th

One of the fields we like to walk Millie through is full of buttercups at the moment.

Day 155 - June 4th

I snapped this photo of my Dad cutting the grass when he wasn't looking. A drop of rain and sunshine and the grass needs cutting often.

Day 154 - June 3rd

Millie loves to lie on the floor gazing out of the window. At this time of year there are plenty of birds to watch.

Day 153 - June 2nd

Today we went to the cinema.

Lara and I saw Epic

Steven and Wayne saw Iron Man 3

Day 152 - June 1st

A morning walk over the fields.

Saturday, 1 June 2013

Day 151 - May 31st

Our hanging baskets are starting to fill out and will soon be ready to hang out.

Day 150 - May 30th

Last week I wanted to photograph a dandelion clock, but someone mowed the grass (including the dandelion clocks) before I had the chance! Some have now grown back.

Day 149 - May 29th

Cardmaking today.

Day 148 - May 28th

Today whilst in town I spotted this bottle of Coke. I wasn't looking for it. It was just there on the shelf in WHSmith and had to be bought.

Day 147 - May 27th

Today when we took Millie for a walk we decided to try a new route. The sun shone and it was a lovely sunny morning and we walked some new footpaths we hadn't walked before. Millie enjoyed her extended walk and it was a good start to the day.

Day 146 - May 26th

The weather stayed dry today so we took the opportunity to try and get on top of the gardening. We ended up with several bags of weeds!